Detail of  Fjords , 2018 Acrylic on panel, 48” x 48”

Detail of Fjords, 2018 Acrylic on panel, 48” x 48”


Open to be

Curated by

Rafi Ghanaghounian

A brand new series of paintings to accompany the glass work of Brianna Gluszak at Samara Contemporary in Toronto.

Samara Contemporary May 11 - June 2, 2019
156 Augusta Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2L5

Opening reception: Saturday, May 11 from 4-8pm

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Since 2018, New York

The newly re-designed Maple Leaf member’s lounge at LaGuardia Airport, NY, is home to 4 large abstractions from a series titled ‘Passages’, installed in 2018.



August 2018, Sweden

Paintings in the series Suspension are meditations on worlds suspended. These pieces are expressions of thoughts and moods; natural reactions to my own suspended disbelief surrounding the state of our environment, democracy, motherhood, creativity, ageing and my quest to process what it means to be here at all, right now. The calming, minimalist palette is a left turn from my more graphic and energetic colour schemes, but thematically, the shapings and markings are very much in keeping with organic formations I’ve always come back to over my art making life.